Here are 6 simple ways to optimize your donation page ⤵️

1. Don’t hide your ‘donate now’ button.

You’ve spent so much time working on the marketing and communication content to get them there. Don’t lose them now.

2. Navigation matters

As your new visitor clicks the donate button, ensure they go directly to the donation page.

3. Why should they donate to your organization?

Add some compelling copy to the page and how their gift will make an impact on the people you serve

4. Guide your prospects on what to do next

Offer the option to give a monthly donation with an array of gift options. Start with the lowest amount.

5. Payment options

Make the process simple and easy to donate with various payment options — credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

6. Donor information

Keep the form simple. Start by requesting their first and last name and email address and allow them to insert their payment details right away. If they need a receipt, ask for the full address on the next page.



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Kelly Morris

Kelly Morris

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